Link Party: 10/20-10/24

I didn't draw this, but it was my inspiration for the week.
I didn’t draw this, but it was my inspiration for the week.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. Rei Kawakubo is fascinating.

2. Apparently, the oceans could lose $1 trillion in value because of acidification. I don’t really understand how they quantified that, but maybe if we attach a financial cost to something like this, people will pay more attention to what we’re doing to something we can’t replace.

3. This discussion/review on Not That Kind of Girl doesn’t necessarily make me want to read Not That Kind of Girl, but it did make me more interested in Lena Dunham’s cultural trajectory.

4. Analysis of the comprehensive map of faith in America. If the researchers  keep it updated like they say they will, it could be an incredible sociological tool.

5. The Percy Jackson problem. I’m not sure I’ll ever be sold on young adult fiction.

And the crown jewel: Don DeLillo “reviews” Taylor Swift’s “Track 3.”

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Link Party: 10/20-10/24

  1. “You just can’t write about the emotions that matter most while they matter most to you” from the Man Repeller discussion is exactly how I feel right now.

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