Think Tank: What I’m Thankful For

My place setting at tonight's Thanksgiving dinner.
My place setting at tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner.

The world, in all of its beauty and sheer size, is such a mess these days. But I think in light of tragedy and incredible sadness, it is really important to remember that we can all still find a lot to be thankful for — and not just on Thanksgiving. And in remembering what we’re thankful for, we can remember that the world is not an inherently evil place.

What I’m thankful for everyday, in no particular order:

Cal Poly Pomona, and having the opportunity to go to college. 

The Lances and the Philps, for all of our weird -isms but also for being a great support system.

My Public Affairs family, past and present, who inspire me to push myself and be creative. 

My friends. 

The brilliant faculty of the Department of English & Foreign Languages. 

Being geographically close to one of the biggest cultural centers of the world. 

Good coffee, cold Diet Coke and Dutch crunch bread.

ENG 451.

Joan Didion, David Foster Wallace and William Shakespeare.

Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, et al.

Having a computer and access to the Internet.

Having food on my table and a place to sleep.

The ability to think, form opinions and make decisions.

Waking up every morning.

The future.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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