Think Tank: Advice I Would Give My 17-Year-Old Self

Man oh man. Circa May 2011.
Man oh man. Senior prom circa May 2011.
  1. I know that you’re embarrassed that all of your friends are going off to Ivy League schools or UCs while you’re going to a Cal State and living at home. But I promise you, it’ll be the best four years of your life. You’ll get to do some really incredible things and meet some phenomenal people, and by the end the thought of leaving brings you to tears in seconds. I promise you that you made the best choice.
  2. Everything will always work itself out. Do not underestimate that.
  3. You think you’re smart, and you are. But you don’t actually know anything. Soak in the next four years. It’ll be fantastic.
  4. You will want to do and be everything, and almost always feel like you are not enough.  Do not let those feelings consume you.
  5. You are allowed to leave someone or something without saying goodbye.
  6.  You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone, ever.
  7. Treat your creativity as your most prized possession.
  8. Read everything.
  9. You’re going to discover yoga, and you’re going to think it’s the best thing ever. Whatever you do, don’t stop practicing. 21-year-old Zoë will thank you.
  10. You are enough, and you are loved.

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