Gold Star For The Internet: DJ Khaled’s Snapchat

This dude is living his best life. Photo via MTV.
This dude is living his best life. Photo via MTV.

I actively use Snapchat, but up until recently I only used it to see updates from my friends. That all changed when I read a story a few months ago about DJ Khaled getting lost at sea on his jet ski, and that he documented the entire experience on his Snapchat account. The videos I saw were pretty funny, and I wanted to see what this guy was up to. Ever since then, I have basked in the good vibes of DJ Khaled’s snapchats.

DJ Khaled is a Miami-based rapper, restauranteur, radio personality and record producer and label executive. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry, including Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rick Ross. You might know his song, “All I Do Is Win.” While he’s had a storied career in the music business, his popularity has grown in the last year because of his snapchat and his online store Since October, he’s been snapchatting @djkhaled305. This is a great primer on his best snapchats.

When I first started watching Khaled’s snaps, I thought that it was just going to be another source of entertainment. Like any other social media outlet, Snapchat is a way to present a very curated view of someone’s life and cultivate one’s Internet identity. For all we know, DJ Khaled stages his Snapchat stories to get more publicity for his growing business and music. But the more I watch it, the more I am certain that DJ Khaled fully believes in his ethos and in some way, he’s validated by the amount of people that watch it. The dude is living or purporting to live his best life, and I think there’s something we can all learn from that.

If you’re a new viewer, these Snapchats can be a little confusing and hard to keep up with — Khaled has a lot of -isms. Plus, his popularity has led to people using these -isms in other capacities elsewhere on the Internet. To help you fully understand and keep you in the loop, I’ve compiled a short dictionary. I think DJ Khaled deserves a huge gold star, and I think you will feel that too.

“Another one”: The phrase originated in this video for “How Many Times,” where DJ Khaled is kissing a woman and keeps asking her for “another one.” It has become a meme in itself. Khaled uses it all the time, seemingly as a nod to his popularity.

Another one. Another one. Via Fusion's Snapchat channel.
Another one. Another one. Via Fusion’s Snapchat channel.

“Bless up”: This is just a greeting / general statement of well wishes that Khaled likes to use.

“Business is booming”: I haven’t figured out who Ben is, but there’s occasionally this kid named Ben in the videos. DJ Khaled always asks him how business is, and Ben replies, “Booming!”

Chef Dee: Khaled has a personal chef named Chef Dee, who makes daily appearances in his snapchats. Khaled always greets her with “What’s good?” A DJ Khaled breakfast is almost always egg whites, turkey bacon or sausage and water, and Chef Dee makes it all.

Chef Dee /is/ bae. Via Fusion's Snapchat channel.
Chef Dee /is/ bae. Graphic via Fusion’s Snapchat channel.

“Don’t ever play yourself”: This is DJ Khaled’s wise, wise advice to always be on top of your game. The phrase originated in this interview for Complex.

Elliptical talk: Khaled is very invested in his personal fitness. He likes to give his viewers pep talks while he’s working out on an elliptical, and calls these speeches elliptical talks.

Fan love: Fan love is very, very important to DJ Khaled. It’s a reciprocal thing: he snapchats about where he’s going to be and that he wants to meet his fans, and his fans show up to both get in the Snapchat videos and show him some love. They make regular appearances in the videos, and are always screaming about how much they love him and various Khaled -isms.

“I’m up to something”: Khaled says this when he’s with someone famous or working in the studio, presumably to get you hyped about forthcoming projects. When he’s with another celebrity, like Drake or Jay-Z, he’ll snapchat them with this caption.

The key emoji: Khaled has made the key emoji ultra-popular, because they almost always show up in the caption when he’s talking about a major key alert. If you see someone using the key emoji elsewhere on the Internet, this is probably why.

Lion Order: When he’s talking about Lion Order, he’s talking about an elite group of people who are ultra successful and are kings of the jungle — a nickname for lions. You should be striving to be part of the Lion Order. DJ Khaled has a lion statue in his yard, and he goes out and waters it and his plants every day. As a Leo who loves plants, I am on board with this.

“Major key”: Khaled has many things he calls “keys to success.” These things include cocoa butter; coconut and normal water; regular manicures, pedicures and haircuts; Dove products; plants; and much, much more. Sometimes he’ll say “major key alert” if he really wants you to pay attention.

I love plants too, DJ Khaled. Via Fusion's Snapchat channel.
I love plants too, DJ Khaled. Graphic via Fusion’s Snapchat channel.

Mogul talk: Pay attention when Khaled says “mogul talk.” He’s about to impart some incredible wisdom.

“Ride with me through the journey of more success”: This is exactly what it sounds like.

The slide sandals: When he’s not wearing sneakers, DJ Khaled wears slide sandals with various -isms printed on them: We The Best, Bless Up, and more. He wears the ones he sells in his store and a pair of Miami Heat slides, especially when there’s a game on television. You can buy DJ Khaled sandals for $65.

The sneaker closet: Khaled loves his sneakers, and he has an epic closet solely for his shoes. Sometimes he’ll give us a glimpse of his favorite kicks. Recently, the “Daily Show” toured the sneaker closet.

Special cloth alert: Have you heard of the phrase “cut from a special cloth”? This is Khaled’s interpretation. Anything that is ultra-special gets the special cloth alert designation. This also sometimes means actual clothing, like one of his shirts from

“They don’t want us to win”: This is my favorite, favorite, favorite thing DJ Khaled says. The “they” in question are your haters that don’t want you to be successful or do the things you like to do, so you know what Khaled says when they don’t want you to win? “You know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna win more.” (I need someone to write an academic philosophy paper about “they”.)

I LOVE IT. Via Fusion's Snapchat channel.
I LOVE IT. Graphic via Fusion’s Snapchat channel.

We the Best: This is the name of his store, but he frequently reminds his Snapchat viewers that “we the best.” This is the core of what makes his Snapchats so great: he believes that he, his crew and his fans are really and truly the best. That kind of positivity is extremely admirable.

What do you think about DJ Khaled? Let’s talk about him in the comments.






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  1. This is what’s great about social media – it connects people who otherwise would have limited access to one another!

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