• Link Party: 2/13-2/17

    Here’s something I want to share that recently came back to me — in an episode of Twin Peaks (side note: I have a soft spot for this show and I hope the revival isn’t garbage), FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper gives the Twin Peaks sheriff, Harry Truman, a solid gold piece of advice. “Harry, I’m going…

  • Link Party: 11/21-11/25

    Here’s what I’ve read lately: 1. The hygge conspiracy and the year’s most overhyped trend. 2. Authenticity in the age of the fake. 3. Reflections on Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, 50 years later. 4. What was “random“? 5. The Moon Juice gospel of self. And a bonus: Homecoming, the podcast.

  • Link Party: 6/15-6/19

    Here’s what I read this week: 1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks email is the worst. 2. This is a fascinating story about a totem pole John Barrymore stole from the Tlingit. 3. I didn’t expect the ending for this story titled “The Wetsuitman” and you won’t either but it a) is…

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