Link Party: 2/23-2/27

The rainbows on Tuesday afternoon were incredible.
The rainbows on Tuesday afternoon were incredible.

I had a great week, and I hope you did too. Here’s what I read:

1. This chat between two editors, who had never met before but tried to get the other to feel the most profound sense of dread and panic from reading an email,  is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time.

2. Medium article #2: A fascinating look at how a media studies professor’s 5-year-old son uses Twitter.

3. Carrie Brownstein on style, Portland v. New York.

4. How the New York Times has described Buzzfeed over the years.

5. A very interesting article about Venmo and its lack of privacy. (The woman who wrote this article also has a fantastic daily newsletter.)

And a bonus: A documentary about J.D. Salinger that blew my mind. A lot of critics didn’t like it, but I think it’s definitely worth a watch. (Bonus story to the bonus: I woke up at 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning, couldn’t go back to sleep and watched it before getting up for for school. I felt horrible at about 5 p.m., but it was worth it.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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