Link Party: My Favorite Links of 2015

Last night was mad real.
Last night was mad real.

One of the most popular things on my blog is the Link Party, and it’s one of my favorite weekly rituals. I’m glad I have an outlet where I’m able to share great reads, and I love that it keeps us all informed and curious. This year, we mingled at 49 Parties with nearly 300 links — the best of what I read from all corners of the Internet. In honor of New Year’s, the biggest party of the year, here are some of my favorite links from 2015. It’s time to Link Party.

This writer took her mom to a very expensive restaurant and had a wonderful time. I had a wonderful time reading the account.
(from 5/11-5/15)

This 200+ Tweet essay of Joshua Clover’s decision to quit his job at Spin and it coinciding with 9/11 is just absolutely and totally fantastic.
(from 7/20-7/24)

An inside look at Thought Catalog, which is a lot more terrible than I originally had thought or anticipated.
(from 5/18-5/22)

The story of a totem pole John Barrymore stole from the Tlingit.
(from 6/15-6/19)

Apparently you can go across the United States for $213 via Amtrak and see a lot of cool stuff. I want to go to there. (from 9/21-9/25)

Read this profile of Ina Garten ASAP.
(from 9/28-10/2)

This is a magnum opus on selfies.
(from 11/16-11/20)

I first heard excerpts of Gay Talese’s “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold” on This American Life in an episode for Sinatra’s 100th birthday, and the full article is stellar.
(from 12/21-12/25)

A great interview with Lisa Frank.
(from 8/31-9/4)

Infiltrating a white pride Facebook group and turning it into a LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama group is a hardcore example of trolling that’s going to be hard to top.
(from 8/3-8/7)

A fascinating mini-profile on Louis Sarno, a musicologist that lives amongst the Bayaka in the Central African Republic.
(from 4/27-5/1)

This guy tried to analyze 18 years of his email, which amounted to nearly half a million messages.
(from 3/30-4/3)

A story about two data designers who sent each other postcards documenting their daily lives. (You guys, I cannot stress how cool this really is.)
 (from 3/16-3/20)

Two editors, who had never met before, tried to get the other to feel the most profound sense of dread and panic from reading an email. It is one of the funniest things I read all year.
(from 2/23-2/27)

This in-depth story on what it’s like to be a fashion blogger in 2015 is astounding. “The public, performative aspects of the job make taking a break essentially impossible.”
(from 9/28-10/2)

And my favorite bonuses:
Ticky Tacky,” which stars my favorite actor, Oscar Isaac (from 11/30-12/4). I have been thinking about this Vine all year (from 10/26-10/30)This Reggie Watts song (from 9/14-9/18). Dirtbag Hamlet is the best in the Dirtbag series, but Dirtbag Louis XIV comes in a close second (from 7/6-7/10)This .gif of Peggy Olsen walking into the McCann Erickson offices is everything to me (from 5/4-5/8).

Have a wonderful weekend.

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