Link Party: 12/21-12/25

A detail shot of my family's Christmas tree.
A detail shot of my family’s Christmas tree.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. I first heard excerpts of Gay Talese’s “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold” on This American Life in an episode for Sinatra’s 100th birthday, and the full article is stellar.

2. What the Mast Brothers chocolate scandal tells us about ourselves.

3. I’m not entirely sold on the merits of astrology, but I found this feature about six astrologers fascinating.

4. This story about herding reindeer in Russia was fascinating.

5. Inside the making of Serial, season two.

And two bonuses, as my gift to you: This architect in Bolivia is designing incredible houses that you need to see, and Drake. On. Cake.

Happy holidays.

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