Link Party: 8/3-8/7

Morning walks are fantastic because I get to see my neighborhood in bloom.
Morning walks are great because I get to see my neighborhood in bloom.

I had a really difficult time this week getting interested in what I was reading and finding stuff to write about — the motivation for a forthcoming blog post. Here’s what I read that I actually found insightful:

1. Adventures in typography.

2. Infiltrating a white pride Facebook group and turning it into a LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama group is a hardcore example of trolling that’s going to be hard to top.

3. I’m sad to say that it might be time to break up with Drake.

4. Why is Jean-Michel Basquiat’s artwork so woefully underrepresented in museum collections?

5. Beryl Markham might just be the greatest feminist icon most of us have never heard of.

And a bonus: Fascinating historical photos of New York City, decorated to welcome WWI allies in 1917.

Have a wonderful weekend and week.

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