Think Tank: 22 Things That Make Me Happy

I’m not a big fan of having big birthday celebrations. But I do think that on special occasions, whether that’s a birthday or a holiday or an anniversary, it’s important to reflect on what you love about your life and who you want to be. Twenty-one has been incredible, and I feel really lucky to wake up every morning to a happy and full life. In honor of turning 22, here are 22 things that make me happy. In no particular order:

1. My family.

2. My friends.

3. Diet Coke.

4. Books.

5. Good restaurants and good food.

6. Making art.

7. Seeing art.

8. When my hair curls just right.

9. Going on adventures. 

10. Good coffee.

11. Henri Matisse’s “La Gerbe.”

12. Doing a good deed. 

13. Reading The New Yorker.

14. Shopping for school or office supplies.

15. Emails and messages that start with or include “I thought of you…”

16. Yoga.

17. Driving with the windows down and my favorite music on the stereo.

18. Writing.

19. Wearing a sweater. 

20. Being on time.

21. Checking everything off my to-do list. 

22. Inspiring other people.

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