Link Party: 1/18-1/22

Plants, man.
Plants, man.

What happened to all of my time this week? I have no idea. Back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

Here’s what I read:

1. This is a fascinating article on the future of parking — I have reservations about self-driving cars, but I’m all for making cities more livable.

2. I originally listened to this story about a woman who self-diagnosed her own genetic mutation on “This American Life,” and found the accompanying article in the Atlantic equally compelling.

3. This guy listened to an album every day for a year and had some great insights about how we consume music.

4. You know I love the entire Dirtbag series, so you shouldn’t be surprised I loved Dirtbag Hera.

5. These short story vending machines make me believe in the goodness of humanity.

And a bonus: I love this parody Twitter account about Bernie Sanders’s thoughts.

Have a great weekend.

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