Link Party: 10/29-11/20

My favorite daily reminder.
My favorite daily reminder.

There hasn’t been much Link Partying around here lately. I need to fix that, and I promise to be more consistent in the last few weeks of 2016 and into 2017.

Here’s a party to last you all week. Take your pick:

1. An interview with Frank Ocean.

2. Zadie Smith on the dancers that inspire her. (I can’t wait to read Swing Time.)

3. An American journalist spends 10 years abroad and comes back to his homeland.

4. Hillary Clinton and the glass ceiling.

5. Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam‘s collaboration.

6. The barnacle queens of Galicia.

7. Instagram geotagging is ruining nature.

8. Yet another brilliant conversation with Elena Ferrante.

9. The wave of all-women art exhibitions.

10. The preserved shipwrecks in the Black Sea.

11. President Obama on his legacy and America’s future.

12. Behind the scenes at the Butterball turkey hotline.

Have a great week.

Link Party: 8/15-8/19

Summer clouds without a filter.
Summer clouds without a filter.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. The precarious future of the Grand Canyon.

2. What will be the Chipotle of pizza?

3. A legendary rock climber’s strange brain.

4. Madeline Gins and the theory of Reversible Destiny.

5. The mountain lions of Los Angeles.

And a bonus: If you have Apple Music, you should watch Frank Ocean’s Endless. I think it was entirely worth the wait.

And in honor of my birthday, do me a favor — do something this week that makes you feel fantastic.

Link Party: 4/4-4/8

A little bit of rain.
A little bit of rain.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. This 9-year-old reporter and her community news efforts make me so proud.

2. This is a stupendous feature on Yellowstone National Park and its wildlife. This is a must-read.

3. The work of professional taste testers.

4. Read about the guy who recorded, tamed and sold nature sounds to America.

5. This story about a real estate family that shaped 19th century New York is a wild ride. Before the Trumps, there were the Wendels.

And a bonus: The Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History archives.

Have a great weekend.