Link Party: 11/21-11/25

I got new bookshelves and I am living.
I got new bookshelves and I am living.

Here’s what I’ve read lately:

1. The hygge conspiracy and the year’s most overhyped trend.

2. Authenticity in the age of the fake.

3. Reflections on Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, 50 years later.

4. What was “random“?

5. The Moon Juice gospel of self.

And a bonus: Homecoming, the podcast.

Link Party: 8/15-8/19

Summer clouds without a filter.
Summer clouds without a filter.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. The precarious future of the Grand Canyon.

2. What will be the Chipotle of pizza?

3. A legendary rock climber’s strange brain.

4. Madeline Gins and the theory of Reversible Destiny.

5. The mountain lions of Los Angeles.

And a bonus: If you have Apple Music, you should watch Frank Ocean’s Endless. I think it was entirely worth the wait.

And in honor of my birthday, do me a favor — do something this week that makes you feel fantastic.

Link Party: 2/8-2/12

What a day, what a life.
What a day, what a life.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. A bikini, a toothbrush and 44 issues of the New Yorker.

2. I will read anything about Joan Didion, especially in connection to Los Angeles.

3. I’ve been meaning to read Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance” for awhile, but after reading this excerpt about texting I really want to dive into it.

4. The romance of planning your wedding in one week.

5. This article about a teenager teaching an adult how to use Snapchat is a wild, wild ride.

And a bonus: I have had this video of Gustavo Dudamel conducting Arturo Márquez’s “Danzón No. 2″ on repeat for the past week.

Have a great weekend.

Link Party: 1/25-1/29

Homemade peanut butter cookies.
My mom makes really good peanut butter cookies.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. The performance of race, gender and identity on Vine. If you use or know of Vine, you should read this.

2. This story about the role of Facebook’s community standards for the Internet brings up some important questions about Facebook and the public.

3. The world of fake books.

4. I 100 percent agree with this article in defense of Instagramming your food.

5. Let’s talk about the cognitive gap in spatial skills between men and women.

And two bonuses: “Wood” from Rostam Batmanglij is such a good song. I’ve been following the poet and artist Cleo Wade on Instagram for awhile, and lately I’ve found her posts particularly inspiring.

Have a great weekend.

Link Party: 1/4-1/8

El Niño skies.
El Niño skies.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. An abridged history of red lipstick.

2. I did not know that private, off-the-record briefings between Barack Obama and media members were a thing, but now I’m glad I do.

3. The parallels between web design and architecture.

4. The deep space of digital reading.

5. The second-season title cards of “Mozart in the Jungle.” (I wrote about the first season here.)

And a bonus: Kanye West’s American Idol audition is golden.

Have a great weekend.

Link Party: 8/17-8/21

A sneak peek of my art journal.
                 A sneak peek of my art journal.

Here’s what I read this week:

1. A discussion of the color black in the art world.

2. Living in a post-delete world.

3. The research this article is based on is kind of old, but this is still an interesting perspective on the geography of New York business lunches that I think may be applicable elsewhere.

4. Stephen Colbert is a gem.

5. The makeup tax is a real thing.

And a bonus: Have you guys seen Mark Ronson cover Queens of the Stone Age’s “I Sat By the Ocean” with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala and Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow? It’s a few weeks old but get on it.

Have a wonderful weekend.