Link Party: My Favorite Links of 2016

What a day, what a year, what a life.

2016 was a really weird year for me, creatively. I’ve had all of these ideas swimming in my head: things to see, make and talk about. But whenever I tried to sort those ideas out and put them down on paper or in a post, I always felt too whatever — tired, unprepared, overwhelmed — to do it. I don’t think I’m the only one who has felt this sort of creative congestion this year.

But a new year can be a saline: an opportunity to reset ourselves and get back to business. 2017 is gonna be about doing the work and blooming into something beautiful — even in the face of uncertainty. Big things happen one day at a time.

I did read a lot of really great stories this year — some of which you might have already read. Here are my favorite links of 2016:

The barnacle queens of Galicia.

(from 10/29-11/20)

“Seven People Dancing,” by Langston Hughes.

(from 5/30-6/3)

Regardless of whether or not you’re into fashion, you really, really, really need to watch “Bill Cunningham New York.” It’s a documentary about the street style photographer for the New York Times. You can rent it for $3.99 on Amazon. Go watch it.

(from 3/14-3/25)

Inside the gentrification of Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market. I had no idea of the beginnings of GCM and its history, and this is an eye-opening and well-written piece.

(from 9/12-9/16)

“My President Was Black,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates. This is essential reading.

(from 12/12-12/16)

Up close and personal with Donald Trump and his supporters.

(from 7/4-7/8)

The writer Michael Chabon took his son Abe to Paris for Men’s Fashion Week and wrote an outstanding article about it.

(from 9/26-9/30)

The most successful female Everest climber of all time is a housekeeper in Connecticut.

(from 5/9-5/13)

The life of paramedics in Laredo, Texas.

(from 8/1-8/5)

An awesome newsletter named “A Woman to Know.”

(from 4/11-4/15)

This is a masterpiece on the political power of single women.

(from 2/22-2/26)

Thank you for reading.

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